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UC Browser cracked Apk latest download

uc browser apk is free for you. Talk of a simple, fast and easy-to-use web browser on a mobile device and you’re talking of UC Browser. Developed and released first in April 2004, the Alibaba-owned Chinese web browsing tool is available across various platforms such as Windows (both phone and PC), iOS, Android, JAVA ME, Blackberry and Symbian devices. It uses data compression technology to render a page’s data before sending it to the users.

Features of uc browser apk

Data Compression

One of the outstanding features of UC web browser is its ability to compress a web page data through a process called rendering thereby making browsing on it faster.

Easy Sharing of Web Pages

With UC, it is pretty easy to share any of your desired internet content or even web pages to your friends and families on differs social media platform. It prides itself as one of the most-used browsers in the world.

Cloud System

The browser uses a technique called cloud system which it uses to derive the nearest available servers in order to reduce the time for loading up a web page.

Content Download

UC Browser apk is one of the simplest and easiest browsers to download media files from the internet. With each download, it displays the speed and file size so that you can keep track of the entire download process. With it, you can perform more than one download at a time. Latest version has even taken downloading a file to a better height by ensuring that even if the browser is closed down unexpectedly, while a download is going on, it would not affect the process. It is equally capable of resuming a download attempt in case of any failed or interrupted internet connection.

WebApp and Add-ons

The amazing UC+ Open Platform was in July 2013 announced by the developers of UC browser. On it, there are Application bookmarks, add-on and WebApp store platforms available. On the add-on panel of the browser, interested users can download each of these application platforms for personalization. Worthy of note is the fact that one of the widely used WebApps for mobile devices in China is the UC WebApp.

Night Mode Browsing

If you have to surf the web in a poorly lit room or on your bed at night and you don’t want the whole light of your mobile device to concentrate on your eyes, UC browser is your best bet. Just switch to its night mode option and you have your web pages displayed with less strain to your eyes.

How to Get the Browser

The web browser can be downloaded by Mobile Android users on Google Application Store free of charge. Other users can get suitable version of it to their device on the official website pcsoftpro


  • Because of its good data compression ability, browsing with UC browser is very fast
  • Its download manager is dope.
  • The browser is free. No charges is incurred in its usage.
  • It is relatively light weight and has very simple user interface


  • Its interface is not as attractive as some other browsers.
  • Its security in browsing the web is still under contention

Alternatives to UC Browser

The gateway to the internet world are many and no browser (UC Web inclusive) enjoys a monopoly of it. Here are some other internet browsers slugging it out with UC

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera Mini
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Baidu Browser
  • Dolphin Browser HD
  • Hermit Lite Apps Browser


Among the five leading mobile and PC internet browsers are Google Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and UC Browser. The comparison below reviews the efficiency of each based on some parameters such as memory space consumed, Time taken to open, RAM consumption, Performance, Appearance, and interface.

Consumed Memory Space

S/N Browsers File size (After installation) Original File size
1 Google Chrome 50 70.77 MB 42 MB
2 Dolphin 11.5.6 49.50 MB 11 MB
3 Opera 36 43.68 MB 32.24 MB
4 Firefox 46 53.96 MB 40.00 MB
5 UC Browser 10.9 47.76 MB 16.00 MB


From the table above, it is clear that Opera Browser takes the least space on your device after installation. Similarly, regular users of the aforementioned browsers report that on the average, UC Browser opens fastest followed closely by Dolphin. It should be noted that the latest version of each of these browsers was used for this comparison

RAM Consumption

A separate analysis of the five browsers revealed that Mozilla Firefox consumes more RAM more than the other four. It has a RAM consumption of approximately 245 MB, and its closest rival in RAM usage is Google Chrome with about 175 MB record of RAM usage while running. Dolphin Browser remains the most efficient of all using only 133 MB of RAM in its operation. UC Browsers follows Dolphin closely with 135 MB RAM consumption.


The five browsers when subjected to performance test such as HTML5Test, Kraken and SunSpider places the browsers in this order on a performance scale

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. UC Browser
  3. Opera
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Dolphin

So, when it comes to general browser performance, Mozilla Firefox leads and it’s closely followed by UC Browser. Dolphin sits at the bottom of the ranking.

General Appearance

The basis for judgment here is the attractiveness and creativity of the interface layout. UC Browsers and Dolphin, though simple and easy to use, have been generally tagged “not too attractive” by users. Both browsers are loaded with excessive add-ons which are highly distractive and unnecessary.

Opera is on the average in this regard and the bookmarks are well outlined. On the top of the table however are Google Chrome and Firefox respectively. Their richly designed interface and attractiveness are arguably second to none.

Final Judgment

Without mincing words, UC browser latest apk isn’t just a web surfing tool that can be inadvertently whisked aside. If your desire is to get a browsing medium embedded with numerous integrated tool, UC is the best. Though, it may not be very attractive, it is very fast and highly user-friendly. Again, you do not have to empty your purse to get it. It is completely free!

Its download experience is superb and dynamic. It manages every download and arranges them into their respective categories. Give it to UC browser cracked any day, any time for a seamless web surfing experience.

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